Events in Tiradentes

Some events contribute to the wonderful historic city of Tiradentes to be one of the most visited destinations in the state. There are traditional festivals that have been going on for decades and attract all types of audiences. Beers, gastronomy, cinema, photography, motorcycling, theater, wine are some of the delicious reasons to visit the city.

Know a little about the intense and diverse agenda of our city:


Mostra de Cinema - January

The Cinema Festival offers free sessions in tents and cinemas set up in the city squares, as well as workshops for those who want to improve or even begin to gain knowledge about the different facets of cinema.


Carnival - February

Street carnival considered one of the best in Minas, with its dandas and cartoon blocks (“Domésticas”, “Roma foi pouco”, among others) - according to the national calendar.


Foto em Pauta - March

The Photography Festival offers exhibitions, workshops, lectures, debates, photo projections and educational activities oriented to the local community, taught by professionals of national and international renown whose artistic production is representative in the Brazilian photography scene.


Holy Week - March

The religious event preserves centuries-old traditions. The steps around the city are only open at this time of year and serve to represent the calvary experienced by Jesus Christ. Processions through the streets and alleys of the city touch those who accompany them.


Trem Bier - May

TremBier - Tiradentes Craft Beer Festival. The public will be able to taste different kind of beers during the days of the event.


Mostra de Artes Cênicas Tiradentes em Cena - May

Theater Festival inspired by the best-known European festivals, which take place just outside the big centers, Tiradentes em Cena provides a meeting between those who produce and those who like theater. Besides presentations with national repercussions, courses and debates also take place.


Bike Fest – June

In the second half of June, the roar of the engines takes over Tiradentes. The historic city hosts Bikefest, the most traditional motorcycle meeting in Brazil.


International Festival of Culture and Gastronomy - August

Spices, smells and flavors invade the city and provide the visitor with a delicious experience of joining history and cuisine in a beautiful setting that is the city of Tiradentes. The chefs who are spreaded in the various restaurants and tents in the city make a chemistry between spices that results in unparalleled dishes. 


Festival Artes Vertentes - September

Tiradentes International Arts Festival, which brings together attractions between erudite and popular artists in an extensive program of concerts, literary soirees, exhibitions, cinema and theater sessions and dance shows.


XTerra – September

Adrenaline and emotion marked XTerra Regional Edition of Tiradentes. The presence of elite athletes and the large number of fans of this type of Duathlon sport (Running and Biking). 


Duo Tiradentes Jazz Festival - October

Event geared towards the public who is a lover of instrumental music. For the professional public, there are courses and lectures to improve the technique. A great event for those who want to enjoy good music with the best players in Brazil.

Semana Criativa - October

Creative Week is an annual festival that brings together creatives and trend hunters to rethink, exchange knowledge, discuss, produce and stimulate entrepreneurship through design, traditional crafts, architecture and manifestations such as the Maker Movement.