Tiradentes - MG

The narrow streets with stone pavement lead
through colonial houses and baroque churches,
where, during the day, the sound of carriages
echo in a scenario framed by the Serra de São José.

Population: 7.901 inhabitants
Area Code: 32
State: Minas Gerais

Distance from other cities: São João del Rei, 13 km, Barbacena, 58 km, Lavras, 106 km, Juiz de Fora, 165 km, Belo Horizonte, 196 km, Rio de Janeiro, 333 km, São Paulo, 491 km

By going unnoticed by any form of development, from the decline of the Gold Cycle in the late 18th century, until the 1980s, when tourism flourished, Tiradentes (MG) ended up becoming one of the best preserved historical cities in Brazil.

The narrow cobbled streets lead between colonial houses and baroque churches, where, during the day, the sound of the carts echoes in a scenario framed by the Serra de São José.

At night, the soft light accompanies the peaceful environment of the city. Not by chance, the place has become one of the favorite destinations for couples, who take advantage of the good offer of hotels with a romantic atmosphere, great restaurants and the presence of numerous art studios, most of them with pieces worked in wood, tin, iron and soapstone.

A perfect day

Wear comfortable shoes to explore the uneven floors of the historic center. Start at the Matriz de Santo Antônio Church; then, head to Casa Padre Toledo Museum. Rest close the São José fountain. Between one attraction and another, invest your time in stores that sell handicrafts, art, furniture and cachaça. Pass through Largo das Forras where the "gardener car" tour starts. In the evening, dine at one of the many starred restaurants.

How to circulate

Almost everything is concentrated on the cobbled streets of the Historic Center - easy to enjoy on foot.


Our Recommendation

In the historic center, go to Church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos and the Museum of the Liturgy. You can enjoy the atmosphere of the bars in Largo das Forras square and the coolest ones are on Rua da Cadeia with good music and good food.

Tiradentes is generous when it comes to good food. There are seven restaurants starring at GUIA BRASIL 2015 - one for every little more than a thousand inhabitants.

There is still time to explore the nature that surrounds the city, such as the trails in the Serra de São José, jeep tours, biking and horseback riding. 

Learn more about the São João del-Rei x Tiradentes path

There are 12 km of train path through a beautiful ecological diversity and landscapes that still preserve the architecture of the 19th century. All of this on board the oldest Maria-Fumaça train in operation in Brazil.


The old train way Estrada de Ferro Oeste de Minas (EFOM), opened in 1881 by Dom Pedro II, paves the way between the Cerrado and the Atlantic Forest to take tourists on a beautiful tour through the mountains of the São José complex. In addition to the natural beauty, the tour also has great tourist and cultural attractions such as the Rotunda, the incredible turning of the locomotive - carried out manually, preserving the custom of the Maria Fumaça train era - and the Railway Museum.


With fragrant flowers, thorns on the branches and a mild flavor, the ora-pro-nobis is a vegetable very widespread in Minas Gerais cuisine (chicken with ora-pro-nobis is a local classic). Adapted from Latin, the name of the plant, from the cactus family, means “pray for us”.